I work for my uncle and it’s either quit or get fired.

For almost a year, I have been working in my uncle’s HVAC company.

He is one of the local HVAC companies, but he isn’t the most popular HvAC company.

I know that when my uncle was younger, he was one of the top HVAC technicians in our area. Ever since he created his own HVAC company, his reputation has gone downhill. I went to HVAC certification school because of him. I didn’t believe that he was such a terrible owner until I took a job with him. I couldn’t understand why he was constantly getting rid of good HVAC technicians. I knew that he wasn’t paying the highest wages, but he was just starting out. I was surprised to see how abusive he was to his HVAC techs. It seemed that if anyone disagreed with him, he would verbally abuse them. I was beginning to think that with all of the HVAC technician that he fired or quit, other than myself, the only people working for my uncle would be someone with drug problems or criminal records. I didn’t want to have to walk out my uncle because I was afraid it would become a family issue. I was hoping to be able to tell him that I had been recruited by another HVAC company and I would be making a lot more money. I’m thinking I should talk to my dad since my uncle is his brother. Maybe my father can give me some good advice on how to deal with the situation. Either way, I am about to start putting in applications and hopefully I will have a new job before he gets mad at me and fires me.



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