I work in a cold hospital

As a receptionist at a hospital, I understand the reasoning behind keeping the temperatures on the cool side.

Increased heating can cause germs and bacteria to quickly grow and spread.

Although I understand the reasoning, it doesn’t make it any easier for me to work in these conditions. I am a receptionist, so I need to dress appropriately. When I wear layers of clothing that are meant for winter wear, in the summer, I am not dressing professionally. I need to follow our dress code and my badge must be visible to everyone. When the air conditioning is so low that I need to dress inappropriately, I feel awkward. I know I dress this way only to be warmer and more comfortable. Even during the winter, I can never get warm. It is already cold outside and since the temperature on the thermostat is so low, you can’t get warm. The hospital still needs to be cool and sometimes I think I am going to get sick. In reality I know that if I get sick, it is because of a stray germ coming from one of our patients. Getting sick has nothing to do with the temperature of the hospital. One good thing comes from being in the cold all the time. When I get home, I don’t need to turn the heating up so high, so I save money on my energy bills. During the summer, I don’t turn the air conditioning up so quickly. I am trying to get warm before I need the air conditioning, so I am conserving energy and saving money on my energy bills.

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