I worry about the temperature control

During the summertime months, I am employed as a waitress at a local beach bar as well as eating establishment.  The business is located right on the sand, with a gorgeous view of the ocean, which is a popular spot. I prefer my job because I earn an amazing amount of tips.  I am not glad about dividing my workday between the air conditioning system interior as well as the blazing sizzling exterior. The club has seating both inside as well as outside.  The indoor bar and eating establishment are air conditioned which is usually kept far too cold. Because the door is typically opened, letting in sizzling air, the management feels it’s necessary to set the temperature control very low.  There is a constant blast of cold air from a/c vents all over the ceiling. Whenever I step inside to fetch drinks from the bar, food from the kitchen, or wait on customers, I shiver along with wishing I had a jacket. However, I also have tables with customers outside on the patio.  The customers are shaded by big umbrellas, but I’m completely exposed to the sun. As soon as I step outside, I start to drip with sweat, and I often end up with a sunburn. I suppose it would make far more sense if the waiters either worked outside or inside. I could then dress for either the heat or the air conditioning system.    Switching from sizzling to cold, I’m typically always uncomfortable. Plus, my method would eliminate some of the traffic through the door, which would reduce energy waste as well as cooling costs. Unfortunately, no 1 is willing to give my suggestion a try.

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