I would be fine with changing their mind

Recently, my girlfriend was telling me that if I didn’t get my life together, she might have to leave me. I was really shocked at this news because I thought everything was going just fine between us. She was disappointed in me for several things. She said she was angry that I didn’t attend college. She said that I lived like a slob and my place was always messy. She said she really didn’t like the fact that I neglected my HVAC system too. She said what was the point of even being together if I couldn’t take care of important things like that. She didn’t want to be married to some guy who couldn’t even schedule HVAC system maintenance or change the air filters regularly. She didn’t like the poor air quality in my house and she was not impressed with my lifestyle overall. I always thought she enjoyed the fast food I would bring her from my workplace. I worked at this pretty cool burger joint, but evidently, she was not impressed. She said I needed a real plan for my life and really needed to get my life together. I decided to keep her in my life, I would do just that. Honestly, she was the best thing that happened to me in my life and I wanted her to be happy with me. This is when I decided to attend a trade school to become HVAC certified. I read about it and was amazed that I could become certified in as little as 6 months by taking night courses. I could make a killing to start and then maybe she would want to stay with me! Naturally I started changing out the air filters and calling for HVAC system maintenance. She was pleased that I was now going in the right direction!