I would love a better air conditioner

Rather than call a cooling supplier and scan for an cooling system, I simply ordered a single online, now I guess why all the people go through an A/C supplier for their new unit. The one I ordered online is a beautiful model, it is also quite powerful, completely new and was easy to install. The reviews online were all solid and it seemed  basically perfect. The only thing is that I messed up the size of the cooling system. It did not occur to me that cooling systems can be weird sizes. I also did not consider what size I would need for my house. I just scanned around for AC units plus found the device I liked. The price was real cheap but the reviews were good. The reason for the very low price is that my cooling system device is small, way too small. I entirely need a large cooling device for my entire living area. The cooling system I got is entirely only effective for the downstairs level. It can supply A/C for both the residing room and patio room. The bathrooms, study rooms and upper rooms are totally without AC cooling. I am debating on just buying my same device again for the upstairs. I like the little unit, I saved on cooling upgrade and I guess it works well! Perhaps I should just have a single AC device that is the proper size though. That would mean a single device that would maybe need future AC repairs, service plus tune up dates in the future. I will price check plus decide which of the options will suit my family the best.

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