I would love a new heater

My cousin Maria has never been the “desk type.” When we were all kids she was always the unique one who had the most creative ideas and games. She was never much for college either, but our family is very strict about getting a college education. None of us has ever tried stirring the pot with education other than her. Nevertheless, she eventually graduated, at her own pace of course, and decided that she would give an office job a try. Needless to say, that did not pan out. She lasted two months and moved on to work in a restaurant. The money was great, but she felt she was not living up to her potential. She really loved writing. It allowed her to be creative. She decided one day to start her own blog, and it has really taken off. The blog is called “Women Who Wear the Pants” and it gives advice and tips to empower females. I knew she was serious about this as a career when I saw an article titled “Energy Saving Tips.” I know she is not the type to care about HVAC maintenance. The article included information on modern energy innovations such as apps on your phone that allow heating and cooling controls, electric fireplaces, heated floors, and air purification. I often wonder how she has all of this knowledge about things I am fairly certain we did not grow up learning. The HVAC technology is especially impressive. She says that she has her ways, and left it at that. She is doing really well and I am so proud of her.

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