I would love a new heater

Last time hour heating and air conditioning plan was updated, the people I was with and myself found out some disturbing news. A terribly cold front had left us with some awful weather, and our air conditioning and heating component wasn’t working well. The best thing we could think of doing was contacting a reputable heating and air conditioning supplier. We desperately needed some good advice, because we desperately needed to find an eager solution to our upcoming air conditioner plus furnish troubles. I told a complete service history to the new furnace and air conditioner technician, plus they believe that they could instantly find the problem. He wanted to inspect the ductwork for our furnace and air conditioner. I thought he was crazy for sticking his head into the attic, but he started poking around to look at the ductwork. After twenty minutes and a gallon of sweet, he came back down to tell the people I was with and myself about his findings. He was certain the troubles happened to be with the heating in addition to A/C air ducting. There was a great deal of air escaping from those are ducks, which had not been properly sealed in 10 or 15 years. The people I was with and myself were happy to finally have someone give us a straight answer about our heating and air conditioner plan. The whole system seem to be struggling, because there were so many holes in the air ductwork. After the repair person that made the necessary changes, the airflow in addition to AC was so much better than before.