I would rather stay inside

I just don’t understand why our younger siblings care about to play outside as soon as it starts snowing.

I care about playing outside during the Summer, but Winter time is certainly the most dreaded season of the year.

As soon as it starts getting cold, I ask our dad to change the control unit to beginning using the gas furnace to keep us comfortable. And when it begins to snow, our siblings would rather forsake the gas furnace to play in ice than stay inside where it is nice plus warm. There are so many things that you can do inside where the gas furnace is keeping you warm. There are numerous shows on TV, games on your gaming system, plus websites on your computer that can distract you for hours while your gas furnace is making sure that you never guess frosty. If you would rather be productive during the frosty Winter, you could learn how to play an instrument, which is kept safe by the temperature-controlling Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C devices. You could also read a book, learn a up-to-date language, watch documentaries, or learn a up-to-date hobby. Not only are these activities productive, but they also allow you to care about your gas furnace 24/7. Honestly, there is just no reason why you should want to play outside during the Winter time unless you are a lunatic. Yet, no matter how many times I tell our siblings that the gas furnace is better than the outdoors, they still put on all of their Winter time clothes plus have snowball fights. At least they care about the air conditioner during the Summer. It isn’t care about they are silly people.



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