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For the past few months, I have been plagued with fits of sneezing plus coughing. I figured it was because Springtime was around the corner plus pollen was prevalent in the air. It got to the point where I decided to take measures to get some relief. It had been about several months since I changed my air filters for my Heating plus Air Conditioning system, so I went ahead plus did that. I also did an extensive amount of cleaning plus dusting throughout my home, but this did agitate my pollen irritations even further, so I had to wear a face mask as I worked… My sneezing plus coughing was barely diminished by these efforts, so I decided to take other measures. I decided to invest in an whole-beach house air purifier for my home’s Heating plus Air Conditioning system. My beach house needed to be a space where I could get relief from these incessant pollen irritations, otherwise I would continue to be miserable. I was very happy to get this whole-beach house air purifier installed. The system itself was not too extravagant plus upgrade was quick plus easy. After the air purification component was installed, it worked in conjunction with my Heating plus Air Conditioning system, plus slowly but surely, I started to notice quite the difference in the quality of the air in my home. My dust sensitivity symptoms lessened over time, plus after a long work day outside with all the pollen, I could not wait to get inside my beach house plus get some much-needed relief! It is amazing how much clearer my sinuses are within my beach house thanks to my whole-beach house air purifier!

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