Ice and air conditioners do not mix

I was just distraught about the air conditioner in our summer home.

Every one of us had a small house that was on the lake as well as the winter times could be brutal there.

I was told that the house had been winterized, although I still was just distraught. I heard about how hard the wind was blowing as well as I knew how cold the current wintertime season had been. When we had a lapse in the weather, I took a trip up to the house. The wind was blowing off the lake as well as there was a frozen waterfall covering my outside air conditioning unit. I thought about chipping the ice from the air conditioner by myself, although I was afraid I would do more to disfigure it. I called the heating, ventilation plus A/C business as well as asked them to supply me some ideas. The heating, ventilation plus A/C specialist showed up as well as looked at my AC unit. I heard a low whistle come from between his pursed lips. He told me to let the ice melt naturally on it’s own. He didn’t suppose there should be much disfigurement, if any at all. Before I started the air conditioning unit again, he wanted me to call him as well as he would do a simple inspection. I was eager to see if it disfigured the air conditioning unit, although I had to wait. Three weeks later, I drove back up to the lake house. The weather had warmed into the sixties, although I still had some ice on the AC unit. A month later, I went up to open the house for the new summer. I called the heating, ventilation plus A/C business as well as told them I was there. The same heating, ventilation plus A/C specialist arrived, as well as he looked at the AC unit. He said there were still a few ice crystals inside, but everything looked too good. The ice had worked just like a thermal blanket.

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