Ice cream parlor a/c

Because it is payday, and I’m off, Fridays are the absolute best! I have a weekly routine that I follow every Friday and that is, I wake up, make breakfast, read the newspaper and relax. Then  after lunch, I always go to the Regal Cinema to catch a new film. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved films, so that’s why I keep up by seeing a new one each week. The only time I did not enjoy my movie routine was last Friday when by halfway through the movie, the A/C went out. The entire theater was so hot, everyone was dripping with sweat, and I was seriously uncomfortable. I got up to ask a staff member what was going on with the heating, ventilation, and A/C system, but all they would tell me was that they had already done everything they could do and now they were waiting on an HVAC technician.  Knowing this, I decided to leave the theater early. There was certainly no way that I could have been able to watch the rest of the movie without a cooling system, so I opted to go for some ice cream instead! Even though I hated that I couldn’t finish the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the cool ice cream and what made it even better was the fact that I was able to enjoy the ice cream under excellent A/C! Hopefully, by this coming weekend the theater will be cool again. I genuinely want to finish that movie, so I hope the A/C gets fixed quickly. If not, I will just opt for enjoying a movie at my cool condo until the A/C equipment is back in full working order. I might have to find a new way to keep my Friday routine going!

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