I’d like to replace my furnace with a boiler

My house is outfitted with a natural gas, forced air furnace, and I’m not happy with it.

I don’t like how noisy the system is.

I am aggravated that it blows a significant amount of dust and other contaminants from the vents, requiring me to continually vacuum and dust. Whenever the furnace starts up, I start sneezing. Plus, there’s all sorts of potential problems with the ductwork. Even a minor buildup of contaminants inside the pipes restricts airflow and leads to higher monthly utility bills. Tiny holes or cracks at the seams often allow the heated air to escape, resulting in an increase in running times and operations costs. Even when the furnace is operating at its best, it blows hot air into the room and creates unpleasant temperature swings. Since hot air naturally rises, the highest temperatures are always up by the ceiling. I wish that I could rip out the furnace, all of the ductwork and every single vent. I’d like to install a boiler system in the basement that would link to a series of pipes concealed beneath the floor. A radiant flooring system takes up no living space and doesn’t detract from the decor. There’s no need to arrange furniture to accommodate the equipment. It operates silently and doesn’t introduce any air contaminants. Because the heat is distributed evenly across the floor, there’s no cold spots or drafts and far less stratification. The temperature from floor to ceiling varies no more than two or three degrees. I could set the thermostat lower and still enjoy ideal comfort. Plus, hydronic style heating doesn’t dry out of the air and require the addition of a humidifier. With radiant floors, I’d get the benefits of zone control. Along with personalizing the temperature of each room, I’d be able to avoid heating empty rooms and take advantage of further cost savings.

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