I’d love a new installation

It seemed like my husband and I were procrastinating and not remodeling our family room like we wanted.  We finally had came to the conclusion that we were going to keep the boiler system for our heating needs, and we were going to install an outdoor air conditioner unit. The plan was to incorporate the new system into the existing air ducts. We were so wrong about this, because when the A/C repairman came out and checked our ductwork, he told us that it was not recoverable.  We were going to need to remove all of the ducts, which meant ripping out walls and flooring. I was not looking forward to a task that major. I asked if we could just remove the problematic ducts. The repairman said that it would be counterproductive to just put in some portions of HVAC duct because more than likely that it was all in the same horrible condition. I was thinking that we were already content with the mini split HVAC system we had in our son’s room, and perhaps we could use something similar in the rest of the house. The repairman told us that there was a multi-split system.  There was one main outdoor component that supplied the cooled air to individual air handler, inside the house. Each room would have its own air handler plus a thermostat. I liked that we could also use the multi-split component for the cold afternoons when we just needed a little bit of heat. Finally, we found a fairly inexpensive solution for our home.

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