If I’m not more careful on the road, I might end up crashing

I haven’t been sleeping all that well.

I actually have been tossing as well as turning a great deal as well as I only sleep for a few hours at most.

I still have to go to my work each and every afternoon, as well as I find myself getting more and more exhausted everyday. Last evening I didn’t sleep too much. I remember looking at the clock a short while after midnight. I was still awake at 3 am. I suppose I fell asleep a little while after 5 as well as the alarm rang at 6:30 for me to get up for work! My eyes were totally red as well as puffy, however I took a shower as well as it helped me to wake up a little bit. I worked all throughout the day on heating as well as air conditioner service tasks. Most of the day I was driving around in the truck from one business to another. We have several air cleaners that need to be maintained. I was perfectly cheerful not to be stuck on a difficult Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C upgrade task, but sitting in the motorcar made me feel completely exhausted as well. I was sitting at a red light as well as my eyes closed for a very short amount of time. I didn’t see the light actually turn red until the motorcar behind me started honking on their own. I have a sticker on the back of my Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine job truck with a number to call if my driving is not especially great. I cannot afford it for someone to choose to report my truck. I am going to get into a brutal accident if I am not extremely careful. I definitely need you to get more sleep each evening before I attempt to come to my workplace as well as drive around town all day.

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