If you get the chance to buy a lake home warranty with your house, you should get it

In my opinion, if you ever get the chance to buy a lake home warranty, you should totally get it! I used to be of the opinion that lake home warranties were just another way of getting cash out of you when you were closing on your home purchase.

I mean, the last thing I ever wanted to do was add even more cash onto the bottom line of a immense home mortgage cost, but now that I’ve been a homeowner for the past several years, I guess that a lake home warranty is actually a wonderful idea, but when all of us bought our house, the Heating and Air Conditioning component that was installed here was basically brand new, but at that point, I thought that the heating and cooling plan would last us for at least fifteen years or so, but there was no reason that I could see that I would ever have trouble with our new oil furnace and our A/C system.

Of course, I couldn’t see into the future, and I had no system that within two years, I would have to substitute my entire oil furnace! Then, less than a year after that, I had to substitute my central A/C unit! It cost myself and others a small luck to get all of that Heating and Air Conditioning toil done, and I still kick myself for not purchasing the lake home warranty. I found out later that if I had purchased the lake home warranty, then all of those Heating and Air Conditioning repairs would have been covered and I wouldn’t have had to pay for anything. If I ever buy another house, I will actually take advantage of the new lake home warranty!

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