Ill and cooling

Some people in addition to others have been thankful for Lots in their life, in addition to the fact that it can honestly be hard to know you are thankful when you don’t feel very spoiled. I had a time most recently when everyone of us were honestly thankful. Every one of us ended up with adult chicken pox which is even worse than having them as a kid. Every one of us honestly had a lot of problems with itching in addition to being uncomfortable. Every one of us look really terrible and the worst was itching through the hair particles and not being able to scratch. Everyone of us were stuck on the living room couch laying down in front of the air conditioner. Every one of us had the air conditioner on the highest setting with the air vents pointed in the direction. The cold air was the only way that I honestly felt better in addition to there were numerous other things like a cold washcloth that helped as well. On my third day of being sick, my daughter showed up with my grandson in addition to he was with chickenpox as well. Both of us then settled in for a few days together in a quarantined area. At least the air conditioner kept us comfortable in addition to cool in addition to provided us with a way not to think about the terrible itch. We watched more than 20 Disney movies over those three days and enjoyed our time together and away from school.

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