I’m always prepared

Every afternoon on my way to my job I stop in to a local coffee house. I get the exact same items everyday too. Anytime I get through the door good, the baristas instinctively know to prepare me an iced coffee and a croissant. I couldn’t dream of a morning without these important things! However, a little while ago my normal schedule was interrupted by a period of hot conditions and an Air Conditioning system disruption. When the hot and cold temperatures got into the nineties, a lot of people were having to turn their Air Conditioning systems much more than they usually did, and this went for my favorite coffee house as well. When I went by and stopped in to get my drink, the building was hot and stuffy, and they had no other clientele there. After I placed my order at the counter, I asked the employee who routinely helps me what was happening. She informed me that the Heating and Air Conditioning professional was very backed up and it was going to take him a few days to repair their A/C unit. I panicked thinking this meant that the coffee house would be affected. Still, I insisted on stopping through the coffee house each afternoon until I saw the system was fixed. Now I didn’t sit and enjoy my breakfast like I always did, I still needed my caffeine fix and croissant. Those things together just wouldn’t be the same anywhere else! After a month passed the A/C system was finally fixed, and I was able to go about my normal routine. I was relieved, and I know the staff and other loyal patrons were also!

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