I’m confused

It seems like more and more manufacturers and sales personnel keep presenting goods and services a “a real deal”, “a bargain”, or “the best thing money can buy” to consumers who don’t know better. Atop that revelation is how the good reviews on some of these company websites were written by either their staff members, or paid spokespeople.

       After hearing a glowing description of a new Heating and A/C system, my husband and I decided it was time to upgrade our outdated central Heating and A/C system. It was a hard sell for us – that unit had served us so well over so many years, and could still perform remarkably well for its age. Both of us made sure to have the filters changed every 4 weeks, and our A/C service company never missed a tune up appointment. We were perfectly content with our outdated Heating and A/C unit, until a Heating and A/C salesperson convinced us to go new and go big.

       Within a week of the Heating and A/C plan being installed, issues began to arise. Not even a week of uninterrupted service came from this “ultra-reliable system”. Something was going wrong in every possible junction of this system, whether it was the thermostat, the air blower and fans, the heat pump, or even the wiring for these components! Though I was disappointed with the lack of wonderful indoor air quality, I felt worse for the Heating and A/C servicemen that were called to our home up to three times per day! I can’t imagine how frustrated those men were – thankfully, they and I knew it wasn’t their fault the machinery wouldn’t stay fixed.

       Now the Heating and A/C dealership is being so bold as to propose a replacement of this Heating and A/C unit with another newer system. When will it end with these guys? My husband and I just want our old system back!

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