I’m dying in this sun

Going to conventions is one of my favorite parts of publishing. I get to go to panels and have intellectual or sometimes simply hilarious discussions about aspects of the art of writing as well as the publishing industry. When I just want to sit and talk to readers, I can go hang out at the table for my publishing in the vendors area. Then I get to answer questions, sign books, and even occasionally help young writers find that spark or even just give them a nudge in the right direction. I’ve always felt that it’s important to give back to the artistic community as an artist in anyway I can, whether it’s guiding someone back towards the love of the craft of writing, or simply giving an advice on whether or not a certain agent or publishing house is a good fit for them. The only thing I struggle with at conventions is the blasted HVAC system. For whatever reason, the vendors area and the panel rooms are always set to the temperature of an arctic tundra. Even when they’re packed full of people, it’s still freezing. Myself and others have tried asking the staff to adjust the thermostat, but they always tell us that it’s beyond their control. What’s the point of having heating and air conditioning technology if it doesn’t make people comfortable? We always joke that if we sold scarves or sweaters with our books, we’d make a killing. I always have to remember to pack a nice sweater that looks good with all of my outfits, so I can still dress professionally and remain comfortable.

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