I’m ecstatic all of us didn’t have to pay for electricity

My bestie plus I went camping last weekend plus all of us had a genuinely nice time.

I was distraught about the weather, because it was supposed to be really moderate plus humid.

I wasn’t exactly ecstatic with the method of sleeping in a tent when the daytime temperatures were going to be 90°. My bestie told me not to worry, because she was going to take care of everything. My bestie plus I have been dating for a couple of months. I am not recognizably a camping plus country category of girl. I appreciate the city plus video games. When our bestie mentioned going camping, I thought she was joking. She spent a lot of time with her family at the lake plus she wanted to continue doing the same things with me. I agreed to go camping, but I had no method what experience would entail. I was pretty happy when I realized that our bestie had a portable cooling system for the 10th. Her tent was immense plus immense enough to fit a smart car. The cooling system sat in the corner of the tent. All of us sited the exhaust vent by the corner zipper. All of us ran the portable cooling system all day plus all night during the whole weekend. I was entirely ecstatic that all of us didn’t have to pay for electricity, because the portable cooling system ran consistently. All of us were really comfortable inside of the tent at night, plus even during the day when all of us decided to take a nap. I entirely had a genuinely nice time with our bestie plus I look forward to another outing appreciate that in the future.