I’m excited by the new heat pump

When our hubby and I obtained a new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C for our home, we absolutely debated about getting a heat pump.

The two of us had heard a lot of horror stories about heat pumps.

They told us that it gets too cold in our section to have a heat pump that would work efficiently. Someone else told us that a heat pump wouldn’t heat or cool our condo efficiently because of the way it was laid out. I was told that they were also truly noisy. I thought they were all crazy and I did our own research. I found out that they now make a heat pump that is made just for colder climates. There are many unusual types of heat pumps that are made for areas that need unusual air handlers. You have one or more than one condenser units that are outside and the air handlers that go inside. They were also made to be less noisy now and they didn’t even get as loud as a window air conditioner, then i was determined that we were going to get a heat pump system, however it was our hubby that was so unsure. He had to do his own research. After another month of going online and mulling it over, he soon decided that I may be right. He also thought a heat pump would be superb for us. Having a heat pump for our heating and a/c needs has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.


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