I’m feeling great about all of this

I task in a cold storage facility. For anyone living in the south, that really sounds fantastic at first glance, since you go to task in a literal ice-box while almost everyone else suffers through the heat. It’s great, until you leave task shivering and it’s also Winter time outside. For that reason, I’m a single of the few southerners who invested in a good-quality gas furnace for our home. I can’t sit coming house and going to bed in a cold study room, so I’m willing to do what I need to do to avoid feeling like I’m at task even when I sleep. I talked to some coworkers about it, and they’ve said the same thing. One of them invested in zone control thermostats, so they could keep their study room or other rooms of the house sizzling while the remainder of the house is unaffected. Sounds like a fantastic way to repair this problem of mine, because it takes forever for our house to sizzling up to our liking! I called an Heating and A/C supplier to send a worker out and have them install the zone control thermostats in our house, and after installation, I made use of the study room thermostat and abruptly fell asleep in the sizzling air. I was elated to get our first energy bill after the installation, and found that our usage (and bill) had dropped! I fixed two troubles at once. I was ecstatic to get some quality rest at night now, so I guess more prepared to task in the freezer!

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