I’m fired up

Did you ever see the movie “Money Pit”? If you have an it is a hilarious movie starring Tom Hanks and it is about a family who purchases a home that is nothing but disaster after disaster. I can’t recall the exact ending but I think they actually ended up setting fire to the thing. It really is a funny movie, but now, I feel like I am living it for real.  It is not as funny when you are the one spending money, that you don’t have, on a monthly basis just trying to keep your house going. The latest thing that we ran into a short in the electrical components for our HVAC system. Thankfully it is late spring and we were able to open the windows to get some fresh air and we didn’t have to pay for an emergency visit from HVAC dealer. It has been rather warm and we had turned on the air conditioner before we went to bed only to wake up to a loud clanking noise and only warm air coming out of the vents.  I turned off the system and open the windows. We figured we could just look into the problem in the morning as we were exhausted from the renovations that we did on a daily basis. As it turns out, it was a good thing that we were home when the breakdown happened because the electrical panel within the HVAC unit was shorting out. It was sending surges of electricity through the system and causing it to make the awful noise because it was constantly starting and stopping. Had we not been home when this event occurred it could have eventually cause a fire, but then again maybe that wouldn’t have been a bad thing. At least at that point we could have built a new house and have less of the problems that we have today.  

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