I’m following my dreams

My parents were married for almost fifty five years and I was always amazed at their relationship.  I don’t know how people manage to stay together for that long without strangling each other (most of the time). I started feeling this way recently and my wife and I have only been married just over three years now.  I really feel that my wife tries to drive me absolutely crazy, and there are plenty of times I just want to get far, far away from her. Maybe this urge passes with time, or maybe people just lose their fight or flight instincts after a decade of dealing with someone else’s relentless demands. What I do know for sure, is she had better get away from our thermostat if she ever wants to see me again. Who would have thought that a basic thermostat change from an seasoned dial model to a digital temperature control would be the straw that broke the camel’s back for us. I thought we were making a long overdue change to our homes HVAC system which would allow us to set a basic temperature on the thermostat and then leave it alone. I thought this would reduce our energy costs enormously, considering we often forget to adjust the air temperature before we leave for work in the afternoon. I never thought that my wife would become consumed by perfecting our new devices programming. These afternoons, I always see her standing in front of the darn thing looking at her detailed notes of our weekly activities and adjusting the thing by a degree or more than one here, a minute or so there. She insists its all in the name of lowering our utility bills, but at this point, the programmable thermostat knows more about my weekly schedule than I do.

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