I’m frozen right now

Ice skating is definitely not considered a summer sport, but it is one of the best! When I was a kid, I lived up north where ice skating rinks were all over town, and now that I’ve relocated more west, ice skating rinks are scarce. Actually, in our neighborhood there’s only one that stays in operation year-round, so that’s the one I go to the most often. I love how frosty it feels with the extra cooling system compared to the weather outside. It’s almost like having a little Winter wonderland during summer. Last weekend, I tied up my skates and was anxious to get on the rink. However, shockingly, the ice skating rink was tentatively shut down. Despite having the best cooling system in the neighborhood to keep the ice frozen, the summer heat strained the cooling system and it gave out. Because of the lack of cooling air, the ice on the rink melted so no one was able to skate. I was so unhappy. No other place in neighborhood that had a cooling system that refreshing, and the manager explained to me and others it would be a couple of days before the parts to ship and the cooling system could be fixed. If there was only some sort of cooling system generator that would keep the ice frozen in order for people to skate. I think I will just have to go home and blast my own cooling system and dance around the house to imitate ice skating.