I’m getting our air conditioner filters in bulk now for convenience

I’m amazed at how much money I started saving every month after I transitioned to buying most of our groceries in bulk.

I would look at these big prices in the past and it would sway me against trying the bulk purchases opposed to the small purchases at the local grocery store.

But when I finally did the math with a calculator, I realized that I could split our grocery bill in half by simply getting our products in bulk whenever possible. The closest bulk goods store was offering their membership cards for half off for a short phase of time. It was leading up to the Winter holidays and they were trying to get more customers for holiday shopping. I took fortune of this occasion to get our weekly essentials in bulk quantity for a fraction of the price I would normally pay at a traditional department or grocery store. One item in certain that is extraordinarily cheap in bulk quantity is air conditioner filters. Since I try to change our filters at least once a month, this can become a expensive endeavor. My Heating and Air Conditioning filters are $15 each, which is $176 a year in filters alone. I can find our favorite air conditioner filters at the bulk goods store for $40 for a pack of 5. That is nearly half as much money as it costs to buy them individually from a hardware store or department store. By getting our air conditioner filters in bulk, I can save half as much money each year on Heating and Air Conditioning expenses. That kind of savings is nothing to scoff at.


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