I’m getting our air conditioner filters in bulk now for convenience

I’m amazed at how much money I started saving every month after I transitioned to buying most of our groceries in bulk.

I would look at these crucial prices in the past & it would sway me against trying the bulk purchases opposed to the small purchases at the local grocery store.

But when I finally did the math with a calculator, I realized that I could break our grocery bill in half by simply getting our products in bulk whenever possible. The closest bulk goods store was offering their membership cards for half off for a short period of time. It was leading up to the Wintertide holidays & they were trying to get more customers for holiday shopping. I took advantage of this pick to get our biweekly essentials in bulk quantity for a fraction of the price I would normally pay at a traditional department or grocery store. One item in particular that is extraordinarily cheap in bulk quantity is air conditioner filters. Since I try to change our filters at least once a week, this can become a overpriced endeavor. My HVAC filters are $15 each, which is $177 a year in filters alone. I can find our number one air conditioning filters at the bulk goods store for $40 for a pack of multiple. That is nearly half as much money as it costs to buy them individually from a hardware store or department store. By getting our air conditioner filters in bulk, I can save half as much money each year on HVAC expenses. That kind of savings is nothing to scoff at.



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