I’m glad I danced that night

I found a new stereo station that plays nothing however old school disco.

I was never someone who enjoyed disco, however it took me all the way back to our younger years.

I had a lot of fun going to the discos. I sincerely wasn’t the best dancer plus I completely damaged the hustle. I met our wife back then at the disco. She laughed when I tried to do a split while dancing with her on a whim. The only thing I split was our pants, plus our jockey shorts were brightly blowing in the breeze. I was so embarrassed, however I had to laugh with her for an hour. She handed me his phone number as I headed out to the car. She eventually helped me through our Heating plus A/C certification classes, plus I helped as much as possible through Lamaze classes. She was then helping me get through the grand opening of our Heating plus A/C business. It has been a long, taxing life for us, however I’m happy to say we’ve survived it with laughter plus love. Next week, our little boy is going out and getting married to 1 of the Heating plus A/C specialists that I hired a year ago. He never thought he would get married because he didn’t suppose anyone on this planet would want a Heating plus A/C specialist. I recently told this boy that the best mistake I have ever made was to go to a disco club in my early years. I don’t guess where I would be however I wouldn’t have 1 of the top reviewed Heating plus A/C companies in our area, or an amazing wife plus child.
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