I’m glad I got the new couch

Good furniture meets the needs you have and the needs you will have in the future. Good furniture, especially cabinetry and casegoods, should be both esthetically pleasing and functional. Just because your furniture is intended to store your linens or crockery does not mean that it can’t be beautiful to look at as well. Every piece of furniture in your home should be custom crafted furniture, but if you cannot afford that, you should at least have one or two really good pieces. You should have fine furniture with fine details. It is the details in woodworking that can transform a simple cabinet into a functional piece of art. Whether you are looking to replace your builder grade kitchen cabinets or procure a custom piece to house your cashmere sweaters, it pays to look for quality.  When I wanted new kitchen cabinets, I turned to custom furniture makers I enjoyed my time drawing and sketching my ideas, such as I was able, and collaborating with Mark, the custom wood furniture builder. It was even more wonderful to see my little sketch became a reality through the skilled workmanship provided by Mark as he built my cabinets right there in the wood shop. I have a custom built corner cabinet section that is just right for my many spices, and the dining room has a freestanding cabinet to hold my silverware and my various table linens. My kitchen is unique because of the vision of my custom furniture builder and his ability to understand my desires and provide me with the finest details in the finest furniture.

custom built furniture