I’m glad I went to the library

I had been experiencing some troubles with my HVAC system lately. I thought it would be too expensive to call for professional HVAC maintenance, so I thought I would go to the library to pick up some books on HVAC system repair. So I went to the library and I was pleased with some of the books and manuals I was able to find. I found everything from energy saving tips to professional HVAC repair. It seemed like the kind of stuff they would be learning in a trade school to become an actual HVAC technician. This one book was really thick though, it would probably take me months to study it! Then when I took my books to check out, the librarian was holding a stack of books so I couldn’t see her face. When she set the books down, I was struck by her beauty. She asked me in a joking way if I was experiencing trouble with my HVAC system. I said, “Yes, how did you…” and then I looked at my huge stack of books about HVAC maintenance and repair and felt foolish. I blushed a bright red and she laughed a little, but not in a mocking sort of way. She told me that her brother was an HVAC professional. I asked her if he would be willing to help me out a little, and she told me she could arrange for that if I would buy her dinner sometime. What an opening! I told her I would be honored to buy her dinner and she gave me her phone number. Who would have thought that by trying to repair my HVAC system, I would get a date and all the help I needed?

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