I’m going back to my apartment

I remember back in the day when I used to rent an apartment. It was the first and only place I had lived outside of my parents house, and for a while it was paradise. With a little time, a few moves, and some experience, I realized that renting was a dead end street. When you rent you never get anything in the long term, the place will never become yours even if you live there for years. You could be moved out at any time, so how can you put down roots? Instead of waiting to buy a big house, instead I invested in a trailer. It has cable, wifi, a killer HVAC system, and everything I need to make a house a home. In fact, the air conditioner I have here, not to mention the furnace, I think would be better used inside a full sized home. Both of them take up a whole lot of space, and provide much more intense levels of climate and temperature control than I need for such a small place. What was the previous owner thinking, loading this place up with such massive HVAC equipment? Not only are they both very bulky and both get in my way all the time, but also I have to run them judiciously or else the heating or cooling levels get out of hand in short order. Maybe I can sell off these fancy high end HVAC models, turn around and buy smaller pieces of equipment for my trailer, and then still pocket the cash difference?

VM oleary