I’m going to get into an accident if I’m not careful

I haven’t been sleeping very well.

I have been tossing and turning and I only sleep for an hour or two.

I still have to go to work each morning, and I find myself getting more and more tired everyday. Last night I didn’t sleep very much at all. I remember looking at the clock a little bit after midnight. I was still awake at 3 am. I think I fell asleep sometime after 5 and the alarm rang at 6:30 for me to get up for work. My eyes were red and puffy, but I took a shower and it helped wake up a little bit. I worked all day on heating and air conditioning repair jobs. Most of the morning I was driving around in the truck from one business to another. We have several air purifiers that need to be serviced. I was happy not to be stuck on a difficult HVAC installation job, but sitting in the car made me tired as well. I was sitting at a red light and my eyes closed for a half minute. I didn’t see the light turned green until the car behind me started honking on their own. I have a sticker on the back of my HVAC work truck with a number to call if my driving is bad. I can’t afford it for someone to report my truck. I’m going to get into an accident if I’m not careful. I really need you to get more sleep each night before I attempt to come to work and drive around town all day.

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