I’m going to help my brother

When it comes to DIY projects, my brother is something of a fanatic. In spite of his apprentice-level knowledge with trade skills, he actively takes on any project that professional contractors deem “user friendly”. To give him credit, he has successfully replaced toilets in both bathrooms of his house, and only caused a major water leak one time! Most recently though, he was sold on buying and installing a ductless mini-split system for his house. As soon as his regular HVAC service technician said it was within the realm of possibility for my brother to install it himself, he quickly gathered the tools, bought the system components and got to work! Still, it was only a few hours into his installation that my brother called me, asking to help him with the “heavy lifting”. When I arrived, my dear brother told me he wasn’t sure how big of a hole he needed to make in the wall to push cables through. He explained that the ductless mini-split system simply needed the user to bore a hole through the wall, through which the necessary cords would pass and connect to the indoor air handler. Honestly, he didn’t really need my help anyway – he just wanted a fresh set of eyes to make sure he wasn’t cutting a basketball-sized hole in the wall. More often than not, my brother just wants someone to gloat to as soon as he successfully finishes another project. We’ll see how much he loves to gloat when he screws one of these projects up someday!

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