I’m going to refuse this

My boss and I discussed some recent problems with the indoor atmosphere in our business building. It seemed as though our air ducting component was dirty, and some of us were noticing a black that was building up outside of the air vents. When so many issues for the indoor atmosphere, my boss and I decided to hire a duct cleaning service. The duct cleaning service was very expensive, but they promised fast and expedient Service, as well as friendly and professional courteousness. When the heating and cooling provider started working on our air ducting system, he seemed to have very little knowledge of our business systems. He asked a lot of questions, that we felt he should have known the answer to already. Halfway through the air duct cleaning, he decided to take a lunch break. At this point he left the air, with all of the dirt and debris everywhere. My boss and I were very upset about the service we were receiving, and we decided to give the company a call and explain our position. When the employee returned from their lunch break, they seemed to be very aggravated. I assume their employer called to give them a hard time about the service. A few minutes later, we had a broken air duct above the office desk. I was extremely mad, because it was clear the employee was not being careful at that point. I immediately called the owner of the heating and cooling company, and explained that we would not be paying for the service that was rendered on that specific day.

JC robinson