I’m growing into a good person

I don’t mean to sound judgmental, but I have to say that I am judging someone right now. I don’t mean to, but I’m quite taken aback by the lifestyle I accidentally encountered. Last year our family in addition to I spent Springtime out with our hubbys eldest child in addition to his family.  I am usually just a sort of scrub person, I worry about the presentation of our home, in addition to clearly I also worry about how it odors to others. I am usually told by friends that I worry about this stuff way too much although I disagree. Anyways, I can’t help it this is just how I am. I was appalled when the people I was with and I arrived at our hubby’s daughter’s house for the first time.  She has so several pets that his whole lake apartment just odors throughout, and easily pet like. She had a sink full of dirty dishes that had most clearly been there for a few afternoons, at least, and the cat boxes needed to be changed desperately, in addition to the nasty ferret cage too. I could not think the stench the people I was with and I even walked into his home, the air quality was so terrible.  It was nothing care about the air quality I had at our very own home. I had a really difficult time being in this lake apartment because of the exhausting and scary air quality. I don’t want to say that I’ll never go back, but… it would take a lot of improvement.

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