I’m happy with my current set-up

On Friday I am supposed to go to a job interview for a teaching position and I don’t think I want to go anymore.  I kept looking for a teaching job for at least a year but I like the job I have now that is totally online and remote.  Even though it doesn’t pay well, I can always schedule my own hours throughout the week, travel whenever I feel like it, and work as often or as little as I feel like it. It’s a great job and I’m not sure I have any desire to teach anymore.  Even so, I have the interview and feel like it’s my responsibility to keep it. The core reason I’m deliberating so much is because of the miserable heat outside–temperatures have been in the 90s and the clothes I have to wear to look qualified are meant for sub 50 degree weather.  It’s not just long pants and long sleeve shirts but the weight of the fabric too. I can’t survive wearing this outfit while walking out to my car. The one thing that might help me in the car is the AC system. I could not suffocate in these clothes for the drive, that much was clear.  So my only option was to crank the AC for the ride over, put on my outfit when I arrive, and then pray the air conditioning at the school is working. My only other choice would be wearing a short unsuitable dress to an interview at a Christian college. There’s no way they’d give me the job then. Everything about it sounds horrible, especially when I know I could work from home in my bikini with the comfort of cold air conditioning bathing me while I toil away.

commercial air conditioning