I’m happy with our cooled home

I’m feeling hot but my thermostat tells me I should be cool.  Could the reading on my thermostat be incorrect? Before I write a big check to an HVAC provider, I’ll have to do some research myself.  Perhaps my lack of temperature control is an issue with something other than my air conditioner. It seems like my utility bills have literally skyrocketed and yet I’m sweating my tuchus off.  My thermostat definitely seems confused. I’ll have to check the simple stuff before moving on to the A/C. Before I call for an expensive HVAC repair, I’ll start my research with the air filter.  I’ve always been good about changing the A/C filter. However, I know with HVAC issues, it is still best to start with the small things, and work up. We all know that a clogged air filter can seriously affect the A/C’s ability to heat and cool a home.  All seems OK with the A/C filter, so I move on to the settings on the thermostat. That seems like a no-brainer, but I suppose I could have accidentally switched the dial to the wrong setting. Since the thermostat settings are correct, I immediately find issues with the batteries.  Unfortunately though, I don’t have any thermostat batteries. So I go to the hardware store, and buy twice the amount that I need, just like the air filters. I certainly don’t want to run out of thermostat batteries again. Upon my return, I replace the batteries in the thermostat, and my A/C starts sending out the cool air, once again.

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