I’m happy with the furnace

The worst part of my life is waiting. I feel like I’m always waiting for something. I hate the anticipation, the interim period of having to have nothing to do but wait and see. Traffic, doctor’s offices, grocery stores… why are we always waiting! Maybe it’s just me that’s hyper about this. And doesn’t it just seem like everyone keeps you waiting too, even when they could do otherwise? For instance, I had my HVAC system updated a few months ago. I set up the appointment way in advance. I was prepared, and I was ready, and the HVAC guy was nowhere to be found. The time of our appointment came and went. Then an hour, two hours, three hours passed before he even called to tell me he was running late. I told him our appointment was three hours ago… The guy didn’t even respond. He simply told me he was on his way. When he finally came, I was not happy. I had been waiting almost four hours for this guy to show up with my new HVAC system. I had taken off of work for this. I couldn’t leave the house. I couldn’t do anything but wait, and it was painful. I was so impatient that I resorted to cleaning to relieve my nerves. Just for something to do, really. The actual installation of the new equipment was also really time consuming, in my opinion. It took about four hours. That was it, my entire day spent. On the bright side, my house was really clean. To me it was a sign of my discomposure more than anything.

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