I’m having a hard time breathing lately, and I think I know why

For the past six months or so, I’ve been having a harder and harder time breathing while I’m at work. When I used to sit in a different row of desks, I didn’t have any trouble breathing at all. For some reason though, my new seating arrangement has brought an added level of difficulty for me to not feel short of breath. I’ve read into this for the past week now, but I can’t figure out the cause. I’m getting sick of having to get up every two hours to walk around, just for fresh air! Finally, I looked into my symptoms themselves, and realized that the sensation of shortness of breath is just a lack of oxygen. Maybe, the problem was the ventilation! I then asked my boss at work about the air ducts, as well as the air conditioning system we use in the office. My boss laughed as she told me that the A/C system here has been spotty at best. For the past few years, apparently, this air conditioning equipment has went without any inspection by a professional. Knowing that an HVAC service technician hasn’t been in this building for years is just mind-blowing! At that point, I explained to my boss how I’ve had shortness of breath ever since I changed seats. While I’d prefer that an HVAC service technician was brought in to tune up the A/C system, I’d settle for a seat that’s closer to the air duct vent!

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