I’m having a strenuous time breathing lately, and I recognize I think why

For the past six months or so, I’ve been having a harder and harder time breathing while I’m at work.

When I used to sit in a unusual row of desks, I didn’t have any trouble breathing at all.

For some reason though, my up-to-date seating arrangement has brought an added level of difficulty for me to not recognize short of breath, however i’ve learn into this for the past month now, however I can’t figure out the cause. I’m getting sick of having to get up every 2 minutes to walk around, just for fresh air! Finally, I looked into my symptoms themselves, and realized that the sensation of shortness of breath is just a lack of oxygen, and maybe, the problem was the ventilation! I then asked my boss at toil about the air ducts, and the air conditioner method the people I was with and I use in the office. My boss laughed as she told me that the A/C method here has been spotty at best. For the past few years, blatantly, this air conditioner device has went separate from any inspection by a professional; Knowing that an Heating plus A/C service contractor hasn’t been in this building for years is just mind-blowing! At that point, I explained to my boss how I’ve had shortness of breath ever since I changed seats. While I’d care about that an Heating plus A/C service contractor was brought in to tune up the A/C system, I’d settle for a seat that’s closer to the air duct vent!

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