I’m having fun with my friends

I have such a hard time understanding marriage on a philosophical and practical level. I mean, I don’t know how people manage to stay together for 20 or 50 years without strangling each other (most of the time). Honestly, I listen to my neighbors argue all the time and they have only been married for three.  Maybe this will pass with time, or maybe they will just start spending more time apart so that they don’t end up calling it quits. What amazes me most is the type of things they argue over. I am friends with the husband so I hear all about these fights on a daily basis. What I do know for sure, is he has had enough of his wife’s attitude when it comes to their HVAC system. He never thought that replacing the old temperature control and upgrading to a new programmable unit would cause so much tension in his home.  He felt that they were making an overdue change that would certainly improve the quality of heating and cooling in their home. He also felt it would reduce the energy costs significantly because they were always blaming each other for forgetting to adjust the temperature when they left for work in the morning. He never considered that his wife would become consumed by the idea of perfecting the air temperature by constantly changing the programming. He said that he always finds her standing in front of the control device, looking at her detailed notes and changing the unit by a degree or two. I am sure she means well but it is driving him crazy.  As I listen to him complain it just reinforces the fact that I want to stay single as long as possible.

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