I’m hoping for better weather

I have lived on the east coast for the majority of my life and after moving through the days, going to school, graduating university, and applying what I learned to my trade for over a decade it is time for something new. I was recently given a wonderful position with a firm in my industry on the other side of the country. That means I have to move from one coast to the other. It is an exciting opportunity, yet startling. I know I will need to get used to the way things are done on the west coast that just don’t usually occur too often here. I know people will be pretty timid at first and that will be pretty annoying. I’ll get used to it though, because I love meeting new people. The weather will be a huge change for me in a lot of ways. Where I live now and where I am going both experience the same seasons, but out there the winter times are much milder. I’ll probably be using the oil furnace much less than I do now. I love that idea. Not having to be cooped up for a few weeks of the year with the oil furnace blasting just to stay warm sounds amazing. There is also the issue of air quality with weather where I am now and I don’t think that will be an issue where I’m going now and I’m not complaining.. The air filter for the Heating and A/C plan is way dirtier after the winter time constantly using the oil furnace. It will be a nice change to be in warm and sunny weather throughout the year.

indoor air quality