I’m hoping the repairs are done correctly

Spring is coming quickly.  It is time again to have my heating plus cooling program checked up on.  I prefer to have the Heating plus A/C system checked plus tuned up before the heat truly hits comes.  The Heating plus A/C provider that I had used retired so I had to find another option. I asked around the village for reliable names.  My golfing friend gave me the name of a low price outfit that he used in the past. I rang up this Heating plus A/C guy plus asked him to come out.  The price was cheap at sixty dollars. The previous Heating plus A/C company charged about a hundred and fifty dollars to tune up my Heating plus A/C unit.  I was super happy to being paying less. The Heating plus A/C guy that my friend recommended showed up an hour late. He looked confused and tired. The worker didn’t even knock on the door.  I walked outside to see him taking the cover off the outside unit. He then finished outside suddenly then came to check the inside system. He was in and out of my new home in twenty minutes tops.  He assured me that the Heating plus A/C program would be ready for the heat. He was wrong. The temperature hit eighty degrees plus my Heating plus A/C struggled to keep the new home at seventy five degrees.  I called the new Heating plus A/C maintenance to come actually help. They said they were booked for a month. I guess I was swindled. I had a nationally branded Heating plus A/C tech come out to fix it. He stated that the fifty dollars I spent was a waste.  My heating plus cooling program had not been cleaned nor properly looked at.

heating unit