I’m in a cast for six weeks now

I am a fairly clumsy person, and I often trip over my own feet plus I fall walking up the stairs.

I bump into counters, doors, plus small children and animals. I even trip over the cat. I should not have been surprised that I dropped a little space heater on top of my foot. I was carrying the area oil furnace upstairs, but there were a lot of drafty spots in our family room and so I was bringing the space heater into that room from the bedroom upstairs. I made it all the way up the stairs without any problems, then as soon as I entered the family room, I caught the handle on the space heater on the doorknob and then it fell out of my hand. It smashed to the floor and it landed right on my left foot. I felt the bone break almost instantaneously, however my foot started to swell up and then I couldn’t walk. I did not want to go to the emergency room, however my poor foot was getting larger by the minute! I finally agreed to see the emergency room attendant, but when I told the doctor that I had dropped a space heater on my foot, he laughed out loud. I gave him a mean look and he instantaneously apologized. I think it was funny, however my left foot was throbbing plus I was in a fantastic deal of pain. I guess it would have been a funny joke numerous weeks later. However, I wasn’t thinking about my clumsy nature. Instead, I was thinking about the heavy space heater that had somehow crushed all of the bones in my foot. Now, I have to wear a foot cast for six weeks after that incident.

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