I’m in charge now, baby

For the past numerous years that I can remember, someone has been trying to sell a plot of land located down here by the river.

I was surprised when the for sale sign hastily disappeared from the property a few weeks ago.

I was even more surprised when someone started to split the abandoned ground in the empty lot, after two weeks of digging plus excavation, I was thrilled when I finally saw a sign for the current business. I was hoping for a pizzeria or some other retail center, however the groundcutting was for a low cost 24 hour fitness center. I don’t spend a lot of time at the gym, so after that day, I never thought of the building. Last weekend, our boss called me into the office plus asked me to please go out and perform a commercial estimate. The commercial estimate needed was for the current fitness center. They wanted an estimate from our HVAC company for a couple of indoor air cleaners plus two dehumidifiers. Since all of us HVAC techs need to see the building plus the electrical wiring, our boss sent me and my coworker over to the building to assess the size plus talk to the owner for a few hours about our device plus upgrade process. Of course the current owner tried to sell me a gym membership, however I still provided the owner a fair plus tolerable estimate for all of the work. A few afternoons later, I was glad that our boss heard from the business. They are going to use our commercial HVAC services to install all of the indoor air machines. I’m happy to get started.

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