I’m looking for a new size

After an entire year of working all day long as an Heating plus A/C worker, I finally got a raise. When I started here at the dealership, I was particularly an apprentice. I didn’t get paid at all the first six months, then finally started getting paid the minimum wage for a very long while. Now, I can finally say I am making more than the minimum wage in our country. I am an Heating plus A/C service worker plus I usually work on heat pumps, but I’m desperately trying to learn a few other Heating plus A/C skills. I particularly was thinking for a while of moving to a sizable contractor soon because I want to learn more skills and move up in the industry. I also heard that once you have experience, the most sizable companies spend our savings a lot better. I actually do love our sweet old boss here, plus I love working on heat pumps, but I am starting to get increasingly bored. I also need to beginning making more money soon because I know rental prices are going up in our neighborhood plus I can barely even keep up with the bills. My boss consistently mentions how he truly has high hopes for me plus that he wants me to be long term employed at his contractor shop. Now that I finally got a raise, I know exhausting for even temporarily thinking about working at a weird Heating plus A/C contractor so very soon. However, I actually want to be able to transfer up pretty fast in our work plus his contractor is actually too small to do that. I’ve certainly received so much in the past year, but actually want to experience what it’s like working for a sizable Heating plus A/C dealer.

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