I’m looking for new patio furniture

My mom and I will be travelling to a chilly foreign country soon, and I have warned her about how cold it gets there. I don’t think she really understands the difference in temperature, as she keeps packing t-shirts, shorts and swimsuits. I keep reminding her that she needs to get warmer clothes. I will have long sleeves and pants, along with hiking gear to keep warm in that icy country. The skies are generally grey, and the wind can be extreme. I keep telling her this, but she ignores it. I don’t think she wants to acknowledge that the temperature is around forty all year, never getting above sixty so there is no reason for air conditioning. Most places there have only heat of some sort, including our rental car. My mom doesn’t see how it’s possible that each restaurant has its own method of heating. The hotels there even have individual gas heaters, but they only increase the temperature in the room, not decrease it. My mom thinks there must be warm afternoons that require A/C, but I’ve been there before and know differently. Maybe she’s the smart one? With all the heating going on, she might be the most comfortable. She’s not going to want to venture out in to the cold, though.

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