I’m lucky to have gotten a call from a lawyer to help with my case

My animal totally is the sweetest pit bull you have ever seen ever.

I know that the mass mainstream media likes to paint pit bulls as being purely evil, aggressive dogs, but that is completely the fault of the owners & not the pit bulls! They raise these gentle, sweet dogs to be incredibly mean, but that is not their nature.

Last month my animal got into it with another animal, & although it was 100% the other animal’s fault I am being blamed because my animal just so happens to be a pit bull. The other guy hired a very expensive personal injury lawyer & is suing me for all I have! The next afternoon I got a phone call from another local personal injury lawyer, who also specializes in animal attack law. It turns out he & that expensive animal bite lawyer from the other day went to law school together, & have been very serious rivals ever since. When he got word that other guy was bragging about his “slam dunk” animal bite lawsuit, he decided to get a hold of me to file a countersuit. He totally wanted an opportunity to take on his outdated personal injury lawyer rival in a court of law, & show him who was the more experienced attorney. I was anxious about getting involved in a personal feud between lawyers, but on the other hand that expensive animal bite lawyer was coming after me for certain, at least this way someone was by my side. After all this is over, if I never see another deposition, or another personal injury lawyer again in my entire life, it will be too soon.

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