I’m not sure how to prevent this

 I am glad I don’t know the idiot who built this condo in the first place. It is confusing to imagine someone sitting down and planning this locale out. The condo has to be at least 50 years old, and I’m beginning to wonder what the hell they were smoking back in those days. The condo has no flow to the layout; you have to walk down several inconvenient paths to accomplish anything within the house! It also has unusual proportions, like a big master bedroom closet, and the tiniest, darkest master bath. Most confusingly, however, is the placement of the outlets and air vents throughout. the entire freaking house! I don’t know who was the electrician or the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning supplier when this condo was built, but they must have been confused about what they were doing.

               Every single outlet is located in the worst locale, and I think the same about the air vents and air returns. The only way to fit furniture into any of the three home offices happens to be the only way to successfully block all the outlets and air vents at once. That means you can’t, for instance, lay down on your bed and lean over to plug in your iPhone. The air vents, on the other hand, prevent every room from being the right air temperature. There simply isn’t enough air flow for the heating and cooling components to force enough treated air into any room of the house.

           I think most of the heat and A/C resides in the HVAC ducts themselves, since we can’t let any of the air out.

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