I’m not sure what went wrong

I love my wife, but I can’t pretend I’m not at least a little intimidated by her past. I lived most of my life single, while she’s pretty much consistently been in serious relationships. In fact, she has been married before and has a child with her ex. Obviously this is a sizable part of her life, and therefore has become a pressing part of mine, as well. I consider her child to be our own, and I can’t spend enough time with him… The only thing is, his dad is complete nightmare material. He makes it legitimately difficult to see him, let alone spend quality time together. Currently, my wife’s ex is fighting a legal battle to prevent our 55 day Summer visit. He has come up with every hurdle possible, including demands for his bedroom setup, our golden retriever’s health records, and even reports on our home ventilation plan. I don’t know where he’s even getting this. He abruptly insists on certain qualifications for our indoor air temperature control system, and has begun threatening to refuse visitation if my wife and I don’t hand over purchase and repair records for all of our HVAC equipment. He has decided that the two of us must have heating and cooling equipment that’s less than 4 years old, under manufacturer warranty, and explicit routine repair records from a reputable HVAC dealership. I wish that that was the last of it, but no. He also insists that now the two of us need to invest in an industrial grade air cleaner! Despite the fact that this air handling equipment costs over $3000, he thinks it’s a completely acceptable provision. He has no legal grounds for these ventilation demands, thank goodness, but I can say that my wife and I sure have learned a lot about HVAC systems since all of this nonsense started.

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